Deprecated Fields

There are several messages concerning deprecated fields that you may see in the Envoy logs that can be safely ignored. Please find a list of known deprecated fields below. These are addressed in Istio 1.2 and will be removed when Maistra/OpenShift Service Mesh are upgraded to 1.2 or later.

  • envoy.api.v2.Cluster.hosts

  • envoy.api.v2.Listener.use_original_dst

  • envoy.api.v2.listener.Filter.config

  • envoy.api.v2.route.Route.per_filter_config

  • envoy.config.filter.accesslog.v2.AccessLog.config


  • envoy.config.trace.v2.Tracing.Http.config

An example of a deprecated message is shown below. Other messages may occur.

Using deprecated option 'envoy.api.v2.listener.Filter.config'. This configuration will be removed from Envoy soon. Please see for details.